iROK Orthodontic Setup Service

Utilizing the latest dental scanning technologies and cloud service, iROK Digital Dentistry Studio, LLC provides a cloud-based orthodontic setup service to orthodontists and dental professionals which can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. A virtual orthodontic setup is designed and available for review by doctors within 24 hours of case submission. If the doctor wants to have the patient review the setup and other related information, the iROK App. on iPads and iPhones can notify the patient with one touch of a button. The 3-D renditions of the initial states and the orthodontic setup simulations can be downloaded and reviewed.

iROK Indirect Bonding

iROK Digital Dentistry Studio, LLC provides 3D orthodontic setup model files to doctors and dental professionals to fabricate indirect bonding templates in dental offices or dental labs. This service makes fabrication of bracket indirect bonding templates accurate, easy and fast. After digital documents including 3D scanned dentitions are submitted, a virtual orthodontic setup will be designed and be available for review within 24 hours. After the setup is accepted by the doctor with a choice of brackets, iROK generates 3D-print-ready files of dental models with jigs to hold brackets at the precisely designed bracket locations. Physical dental models with jigs can be printed in office or in a dental lab nearby. Selected brackets are inserted to the tiny hooks on the models before indirect bonding templates are made. To fabricate an indirect bonding template, a soft and a hard plastic sheet are thermal formed sequentially on top of the dental model.

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